Why the United States of America -- Business Climate and Privacy

When considering whether or not to start or operate a business, one of the most important decisions is "where" to form it. The USA is pro Business. Americans pride themselves on a reputation of "rugged individualism" and generally do not believe that the government should get involved in things more than is necessary. Businesses face a much lower level of regulation than in other countries. Annual reporting requirements for companies are minimal. Most importantly, the USA has an attitude that is open to new ideas and change, and is open to outsiders.

US laws and business climate also promote Privacy and Asset Protection. Another perhaps more subtle issue has to do with environment and atmosphere; and perhaps a certain amount of philosophy. When trying to obtain privacy there are only two real options: invisibility and camouflage. Invisibility, such as when you attempt to obtain total anonymity, poses real problems. Imagine you saw a car driving down the street, but the driver was invisible. You would be more likely to remember that particular vehicle BECAUSE of the invisibility of the driver. Invisibility such as this may not be appropriate since it tends to attract unwanted attention. Camouflage on the other hand is a natural process. It is the method that most creatures use to survive: blending in with their surroundings. In the USA it is easy to obtain privacy through "corporate camouflage" due to the large number of companies in existence, the many and varied businesses that trade in the USA, the exposure to international trade and cultures, and the numerous business transactions that take place daily. There is nothing wrong with obtaining such privacy. It simply involves establishing your business interests in such a way that draws little or no attention to yourself, and avoids unnecessary disclosure of private information to parties that have no legitimate right to the information.

Our Services

We have developed various methods that use Limited Partnerships from the United Kingdom to establish effective global structures that assist in tax planning while avoiding the stigma associated with "tax havens" located in often backward third world nations.

We can also establish US Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) which are very effective when you need to establish full service bank and brokerage accounts and a business presence in the USA while avoiding unnecessary tax liabilities.