Access to PayPal

Gaining access to US based PayPal accounts has become a very difficult matter, and fraught with danger. Almost all of our clients who have attempted to use PayPal have eventually had their accounts frozen with little or no explanation. PayPal is now running credit checks on any account that attempts to upgrade or obtain a debit card. If your personal information does not show up on a US based credit report, your account will be frozen until you can produce evidence of a US address, US social security number, US identification, etc. Do not let this happen to you.

We advise clients to stay away from PayPal. There are numerous payments systems that work wonderfully with our system: Google Checkout, Amazon Payment, 2Checkout, etc. However, if you need/want a PayPal account linked to your US bank account, we have some advice for you:

DO NOT TRY TO VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT! This will limit your withdrawal to $500.00 a month but at least you will be able to use the PayPal account for transactions to other PayPal accounts without limit.